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The LA Galaxy needed a cheap goal in extra time to beat a team of amateurs

The LA Galaxy played La Máquina FC in the U.S. Open Cup. They’re a team of amateurs who were suspended from the spring season in the USPL because they got into a fight. It's here where you expect to hear that the Galaxy beat them 10-0, or some ludicrously high number. In the end the MLS team needed an extremely cheap extra-time goal to propel them to victory.

Let’s rewind for a second and explain that this isn’t THE LA Galaxy — not really. Between Euro duty and the Copa América the Galaxy weren’t playing a lot of their starters. They also got a red card early in the game, forcing them to play a man down. That said, you’d still expect a B or C squad of professional players to easily handle a beer league team -- but here we are.

The Galaxy did end up winning 4-1, but only after using an extremely cheap tactic to pull ahead. After a Galaxy player went down the La Máquina players huddled around him, expecting the team would pause play. They didn’t. Was it a dirty play? Not really — but it was definitely cheap.

This is what makes the U.S. Open Cup great. We get these wacky fantasy matchups you never ever see. Don’t think for a second this would happen if the LA Galaxy had their full team -- but the whole thing is fun.

(h/t Screamer)

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