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Update: Phil Kessel will bring the Stanley Cup to Toronto!

Prepare the hot takes. Man the columns.

Phil Kessel's six-year tenure with the Toronto Maple Leafs media and fans wasn't always peachy.

Despite scoring 181 goals and 394 points in 446 games with the Leafs, Kessel came under fire from the media for all sorts of reasons before his trade this past offseason to the Pittsburgh Penguins. Who can forget Kessel calling out a reporter for his bad takes and the infamous Steve Simmons hot dog conspiracy column?

Now that he's a Stanley Cup winner, will he bring the prize to Toronto at some point?

Kessel told Sportsnet 590 on Wednesday morning that it's a possibility.

"You know, I haven't fully decided my plans. I have a lot of friends in Toronto. That's kinda where I spent most of my time. I'd probably wind up bringing it back there. It's something I haven't fully decided. But I think there's a good chance that it'll happen."

Of course, Simmons and the Toronto Sun has tried to downplay the media's role in Kessel's Toronto departure. And although Kessel isn't from Toronto originally (he's a Wisconsin native), it's highly out of character for him to say that in a trolling manner. But fans are already eating up the quote online.

Update 6/30: Get ready to see the Stanley Cup, Toronto, cause Phil Kessel is bringing it back!