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Jim Harbaugh's brilliant pro wrestling attention strategy

He's just following some pretty straightforward steps.

At this point, one can't navigate the college football internet without catching a glimpse of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh doing something wacky -- tucking in various jerseys into his khakis, appearing on stage with rappers, feuding with Nick Saban (among others) on Twitter, and showing up at various events to preach about Michigan and football in general - and none of it is incidental.

The kicker is this: What Jim Harbaugh is doing is almost exactly what a pro wrestler would do to build up a following and garner attention from an arena and TV crowd. Throughout his short time thus far in Ann Arbor, he has:

• Maintained character on camera or with a microphone in his hands

• Feuded with other notable figures

• Run around shirtless

• Known the power of an outburst

• Maintained an extremely high level of energy and enthusiasm

• Gone out of his way to show patriotism