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The Rock ate candy, unbelievably for the first time since 1989

How does someone go more than two decades without sweets?

If at this point you’re surprised that The Rock has a very strict diet, then you’re obviously not paying attention. He eats so much cod that the mere thought of it sounds nauseating, even if you really love eating fish.

But this Dwayne Johnson diet factoid is still hard to believe. This isn’t even a Rock factoid since he quit candy for longer than he has been The Rock. How a human being goes without sweets for about 27 years is incredulous. Is this what qualified him to be the Tooth Fairy?

But since he was in a celebratory mood with his movie coming out in theaters, he decided to indulge with some sweets. It’s perplexing that he even remembers the last piece of candy he ate in 1989 was a Twizzler, but he doesn’t remember the movie he went to go see. Maybe it was a guilty pleasure movie and he’s too embarrassed to tell Jimmy Fallon.

Luckily for The Rock, Jimmy Fallon’s desk became a makeshift concessions stand, so he had a ton of options to choose from. And instead of going with the Twizzlers, he went with the flashiest candy - save for the comically large gummy worm - Pop Rocks. Do you hear what The Rock is eating?

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