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Cavaliers championship parade 2016: Cleveland gets to celebrate on Wednesday

The parade is downtown Wednesday, but Cavaliers fans can celebrate the team's return to Cleveland on Monday.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are finally NBA champions, giving Cleveland its first pro sports championship since the Browns in 1964. The city gets to celebrate its first title n 52 years on Wednesday with a long-awaited parade.

After falling down to the Golden State Warriors three games to one, the Cavaliers battled back for three straight wins, including a 93-89 win on the road in Game 7. LeBron James was just as good as expected from the guy generally considered to be the best player in the league, putting up just the third triple double in NBA Finals Game 7 history.

The Cavaliers return home on Monday, and the city-wide celebration will be held on Wednesday, the team announced. The return home is at 11:30 a.m. ET at Atlantic Aviation, located at 6200 Riverside Drive, across from the IX Center.

The parade will take place in downtown Cleveland on Wednesday, with more details to follow.

There has been talk about what a potential victory parade would look like for the Cavaliers, but Cleveland mayor Frank Jackson neglected to give any of those details when asked prior to Game 7. He said that he didn't want to jinx the Cavaliers but now it's time to celebrate the first ever championship in the team's history.