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Here's where you can buy LeBron's amazing Kermit sipping tea cap

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via Matthew Dellavedova, Snapchat

The only way to counter a meme is with another meme. It’s like Pokemon, and LeBron James used a Kermit-type to beat a Jordan-type on Sunday night. During his pregame shootaround, LeBron wore a simple black cap with Kermit sipping tea on it, and he kept on wearing it into the celebration. It’s the universal meme for saying everything while saying nothing.

The wolves have been at LeBron’s door for years now. Criticizing him ad nauseam, saying he can’t win a title outside of Miami. Heck, it’s been Skip Bayless’ entire reason for existence over the last decade — feeding off his own excreted hate like ... something that eats its own excrement.

That hat might say more than his triple-double, or astoundingly amazing NBA Finals series. It’s hard to tell exactly which Kermit sipping tea LeBron has. There are a lot of people selling them on eBay. Here’s one for the thrifty shopper.

"meme supreme"

This next one is the most expensive Kermit sipping tea hat on eBay. It could very well be the one LeBron has. It’s slightly more faded that the cheaper version, and Kermit’s tea sipping arm has a more pronounced angle. I also really like that it’s called a "dad hat."

It’s even available in pink!

We’ve established that the Kermit sipping tea hat is perfect for LeBron. He pulled it off perfectly and if the Cavaliers didn’t win the NBA Championship he’d probably be getting made fun of. What do we get for Stephen Curry though? He needs a hat too.

Got it.