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Cleveland’s LeBron James banner won’t be torn down for the GOP convention after all

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Temporary crisis averted.

Cleveland Cavaliers Fans Watch Game Seven In Cleveland Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The giant LeBron James banner across the street from Quicken Loans Arena won’t be torn down during the Republican convention, Cavaliers fans.

On June 22, The Washington Post reported that the banner would be replaced by Sherwin-Williams, who own the building the banner currently hangs on. In its place was going to be a new banner that says "This Land Is Our Land: 150 Years in Cleveland" to welcome members of the GOP to Cleveland for the convention.

Less than a week later, after much pushback from fans, including a petition that has over 23,000 signatures as of writing, Sherwin-Williams has decided to keep the banner up during the convention. In addition, they’ll be donating $150,000 to the LeBron James Family Foundaton.

In recognition of fan interest, the company will keep the now-famous LeBron James banner hanging from its global headquarters building. The banner was set to come down for the summer in order to display a Sherwin-Williams banner celebrating 150 years.

The banner’s replacement was going to be the temporary from the get-go, as Sherwin-Williams planned to put it back up in the fall. But it seems the massive parade the company co-sponsored on Wednesday was enough to convince them how important the banner was to Cleveland.