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What to expect during the NBA Draft

Let's mock out the draft, talk to experts, figure out who we like, and decide what it all means.

On tonight's 2016 NBA Draft live show, join Dan Rubenstein, Mike Prada, and Ben Epstein as they discuss:

• LSU's Ben Simmons vs Duke's Brandon Ingram at the top

• Which prospects in the top 10 are especially attractive and ready to contribute? Dragan Bender? Kris Dunn? Buddy Hield? Someone else?

• How will free agency affect strategy both drafting and trading picks, especially as it relates to teams like the Celtics, Sixers, Suns, and Raptors?

• What does Kentucky coach John Calipari see as a quality in PG Tyler Ulis that has been overlooked by scouting reports?

• What do we agree/disagree with in the latest SB Nation mock draft?

• Which players who look like non-lottery prospects have certain qualities that could make teams regret passing them up in a couple years?

• What does DJ Jazzy Jeff (YES, HIM) think of the current state of the Sixers and to what extent is he behind the Ghost Process?