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Jeff Green agrees to 1-year, $15 million deal with Magic

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In a bit of a surprise, the former Clippers forward will bet on himself in Orlando.

Unrestricted free agent forward Jeff Green has agreed on a one-year, $15 million contract with the Orlando Magic, reports USA Today's Jeff Zillgitt. Green could have waited to receive a long-term deal with the Clippers, but with their attention set on a meeting with Kevin Durant, he reportedly wasn't willing to wait.

Green was traded from the Grizzlies to the Clippers during last season's trade deadline and was supposed to bolster Los Angeles' depth and improve its versatility. It's really impossible to know whether he would have truly helped his new team become a contender because injuries decimated the Clippers' chances, resulting in a first-round exit at the hands of the Trail Blazers.

Individually, Green was a mixed bag. His 11 points, three rebounds and one assist in just 26 minutes on the court are decent marks, but he was an inefficient scorer, shooting 43 percent from the floor and 33 percent from beyond the arc after the trade.

That's the type of production Green is known for. He's always been a good scorer, but his lack of range limits his usefulness on the offensive end, as he can't be a full-time wing. At power forward it doesn't hurt him as much, but his rebounding is subpar. Green truly is stuck between positions, and while plenty of coaches and insiders still remain intrigued by his potential, it's hard to see him eventually figuring it all out considering he will be 30 years old soon.

That doesn't mean he's useless, of course. Far from it. At his best, Green can adequately man the two forward spots and offer some shot creation and disruptive, if often spacey, defense. He's been miscast as an impact player for most of his career, but in a smaller role and surrounded by players who can help him hide his weaknesses he can absolutely contribute. His combination of size and athleticism alone is rare and he does have skill. He's simply not consistent enough to be a star, which is what he's been asked to be at various points in his career.

It's a little unclear, though, how he fits with the Magic. Orlando already has Aaron Gordon, Serge Ibaka and Nikola Vucevic in the frontcourt, and all three need minutes. Perhaps Green can slot in as the fourth big man, but it's tough to see where he can get enough minutes.