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Roger Goodell's salary keeps dropping, but he's still filthy rich

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The commissioner "only" made $32 million in 2015.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell earned $32 million in compensation in 2015, according to a report from Sports Business Journal's Daniel Kaplan. This was a slight pay cut from his salary in 2014, which was $34 million --  although that big pay day came with plenty of scandals for Goodell to deal with.

That year, Goodell came under fire for his handling of the Ray Rice domestic violence case, originally suspending the Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice for two games before expanding the punishment when video of the incident was released to the public. At the end of that season came the DeflateGate controversy which has also been a source of frequent criticism for Goodell.

While his salary is down for the fourth straight year, Goodell has still made more that $200 million during his time as commissioner. Following the NFL's decision to move away from its nonprofit designation, this will be the last time the league releases compensation information for its top executives to the public, so savor it.

HAPPY SUSPENSION DAY: Typically the NFL waits until the weekend to dump a whole bunch of suspensions on us, but instead it dropped news of punishments for Rolando McClainJohnny Manziel and Sheldon Richardson on Thursday. Additionally, an appeal for Dallas Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence was denied and he'll serve a four-game suspension.

TIME TO MOVE ON FROM MCCLAIN?: The Cowboys have been wary to give Rolando McClain anything more than a one-year deal given his history of poor choices off the field. He signed his fourth consecutive one-year deal in March, his third with the Cowboys, but will miss 10 games during the 2016 season. Given the team's decision to move on from Greg Hardy and the fact that it has to deal with Randy Gregory too, Jerry Jones would be wise to finally learn from his mistakes and stop going after defenders with red flags. There are some free agents that could fill the void for the Cowboys in McClain's absence anyway.

BOYKIN AVOIDS JAIL TIME: Trevone Boykin pleaded no contest to a resisting arrest charge. The Seahawks quarterback, who signed with the team as an undrafted free agent following the 2016 NFL Draft, won't serve jail time for the misdemeanor charge stemming from an incident on Dec. 31 in which he allegedly struck a police officer. Boykin will serve 80 hours of community service and attend anger management courses, and he was fined $1,500 plus court costs. Boykin will be fully available for training camp with the Seahawks.


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EAGLE$ REGRET$: Howie Roseman admitted the Eagles have made mistakes in the past few years by spending too much money in free agency. More specifically, the Eagles VP of football operations was talking about "guys that we’ve brought from another organization, and we thought we knew," like DeMarco Murray and Byron Maxwell. It wasn't all Chip Kelly's fault, though. Roseman was the architect of 2011's Dream Team, after all.

WATT NEVER STOPS EATING. J.J. Watt told GQ that he has to eat so much food that it basically feels like a job. His 5,000 calorie per day diet includes 10 to 11 eggs over the course of two separate breakfasts. Watt did not confirm whether those eggs are cooked or raw, like the one he ate on The Tonight Show.

MESSI SITUATION: Former Bills quarterback Jim Kelly offered words of encouragement to soccer star Lionel Messi, saying, "I tried, I busted my butt. It just didn't happen. Go out and enjoy yourself." Kelly knows a thing or two -- or four -- about the heartbreak Messi felt after losing the fourth championship game of his career with the Argentinian national team.

OUR NEXT BINGE WATCH: All or Nothing: A season with the Arizona Cardinals premiered today on Amazon, and we're already planning to binge watch the eight-part series weekend. Based on the trailer, Bruce Arians has a drink or two, and that in and of itself should be entertaining. His insight -- complete with swear words -- is one of the highlights we're looking forward to most.

THE RAVENS FELL APART IN A HURRY: The Ravens won the Super Bowl in 2012 and were 10-6 in 2014, but now they're a team that looks like its a long way from winning or being relevant. Injuries, scandals, bad contracts and just plain disappointing play all created a perfect storm that tanked the team quickly.

TEBOW TIME FOR TRUMPAt the height of Tebowmania, Donald Trump was evidently a fan. A week after Tim Tebow led the Denver Broncos to a playoff win against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Trump spent $12,000 at a charity auction on a football with Tebow's autograph. The problem is that the $12,000 came from Trump's nonprofit, the Donald J. Trump Foundation, which could be a violation of IRS rules.

FAMILY FEUD THIS SUNDAY NIGHT: It's an NFL special on Celebrity Family Feud this weekend with the AFC offense vs. NFC defense and AFC defense vs. NFC offense. Among the stars participating are Brandon Marshall, Tyrann Mathieu, Von Miller and Teddy Bridgewater.

CARTER CELEBRATES WITH A RIOT: There are plenty of ways to celebrate a touchdown, but Duron Carter of the CFL's Montreal Alouettes elected to march through the opposing team's sideline after his touchdown grab. During his Terminator march through the Ottawa Redblacks' bench, he bulldozed an opposing coach and angered just about everybody on the other team. Carter -- the son of Minnesota Vikings great Cris Carter -- spent the 2015 season on the Indianapolis Colts' practice squad, but never cracked the lineup.

49ERS ARE THE BIGGEST LONG SHOT: No team has a lesser chance at making it to the postseason than the San Francisco 49ers, according to Bovada. The 49ers' odds at making the playoffs are +750 and their chances at missing out on postseason play is -1500. That's a 15/2 chance that San Francisco makes the playoffs. Even the Cleveland Browns are getting +600 odds.