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Sports stadiums are excellent places to play ‘Pokemon Go’

Pokemon Go isn’t just a game -- it’s a calling. Millions and millions of trainers are roaming cities and trespassing where necessary in order to catch them all. Just last night I went to a retirement community after dark to find a Psyduck, but I digress.

It was a matter of time before the world of sports and Pokemon Go merged. Now there’s no going back.

The Durham Bulls are hosting a Pokemon Go day on July 12.

The ballpark will be open for two hours so trainers can get inside and catch whatever’s there. It’s unclear what Pokemon are actually inside the Bulls’ stadium, but money raised will go to Second Chance Pet adoptions.

The Bulls’ mascot is trying to catch them all.

The Nebraska Huskers are doing something similar.

Someone caught a Pidgey on the Baltimore Ravens’ practice field.

Silly bird, you’re not a raven. What a pidgeot. (sorry)

The Bulls aren’t the only minor league team to catch the fever.

The Lakewood Blueclaws are hosting an entire Pokemon Go themed night on July 21. This includes:

There will be a Fossil Pokemon Dig at the first base "beach" area near the Craft Brew House where fans can find Kabuto, Kabutops, Omanyte, Omastar. Gotta Catch'em All! Fans can also search for Pokemon figurines hidden around FirstEnergy Park and bring them to the on field check in booth to claim their prize!

Fans can "become a Pokemon card" at the Skechers Snapshot Kiosk on the concourse behind home plate. Additionally, the BlueClaws will have a Starter Pokemon Booth, which includes a Pokeball and Pokemon, available on the concourse. Fans can also battle Ash in Pokemon on a Nintendo 64 that will be set up on the concourse.

In-Game Promotions include: Shorlax Sumo, Rattata Chasing Cheese, Kangaskhan Sack Race, Exeggcute Egg Race, and Guess That Pokemon.

Wait ... how can they guarantee those Pokemon will be there?

More mascots are trying to be the very best.

That’s a weak-ass Eevee, Brutus. Sorry. At least Darron Lee, former Ohio State linebacker (now with the New York Jets) is happy.

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