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NBA commissioner Adam Silver: 'I don't think having 2 superteams is good for the league'

The commissioner is still pursuing competitive balance and could push for changes to help the league achieve it.

The big news of the summer in the NBA is that the Warriors, winners of 73 games last season, added a top-five player in the league in Kevin Durant to their core of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

Golden State is now a heavy favorite to come out of the West while Cleveland, which had the highest payroll in the league last season, is still clearly the class of the East. A third matchup in the Finals between the Warriors and the Cavaliers seems inevitable at this point.

Typically dominance is good for business, as the public prefers to witness greatness than parity, as exemplified from the popularity the league experienced in the Michael Jordan era. Yet the NBA's commissioner is not happy.

"I don't think having two superteams is good for the league," Adam Silver said in a press conference during Las Vegas Summer League.

While he made sure to state that he defends Durant's right to be a free agent and make his own choices, he stated his opinion as clearly as possible. Silver doesn't want the NBA to have only a couple of teams that can realistically win the title.

It's not surprising to hear the commissioner say that. The NBA has used the issue of competitive balance in the past to push for changes in the collective bargaining agreement, most recently during the 2011 lockout. It's one of the talking points the commissioner has focused on from the start and his desire for more parity in the league seems genuine. Yet the league is as top-heavy now as it has ever been thanks to how things have gone in the past three free agency periods. He cannot be happy about that.

Silver hinted about possible changes coming to even the playing field, according to The Washington Post's Tim Bontemps, but said that he needs to discuss things with the union. Both the league and the players' representatives can opt out of the collective bargaining agreement after next season and it seems like Silver will push for reform.

Hopefully a middle ground that helps all parties can be found or we might be headed for a new lockout.