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These quotes from the Arizona Cardinals make amazing motivational posters

Bruce Arians and his players take the standard inspirational quote and make it infinitely better.

We're all sick of the same tired clichéd sayings you might find on motivational posters on office walls everywhere you go. Quotes like, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again," don't actually motivate us -- they make us roll our eyes.

On the Amazon series All or Nothing, which followed the Arizona Cardinals for the entire 2015 season, Bruce Arians and his players proved to be infinitely quotable. They put their own spin on tired adages, giving us plenty of bon mots we can use anywhere -- the locker room, the boardroom ... hell, even the bedroom (we're not judging!).

So throw out those "Hang in There!" posters and let the Cardinals serve as your new source of inspiration.

Life comes at you fast

There's no question that Arians, who has been honored as NFL Coach of the Year twice, knows how to motivate his players, and you see it firsthand in all eight episodes of All or Nothing. If there's one thing we know for sure after watching the show, it's that Arians is a character with a vocabulary that can't be described as simply "colorful." For him, profanity is an art form.

Arians wanted his players to remember that life can change in the blink of an eye. You have to stay prepared for that.

"That elevator drops fast at a shithouse," Arians said.

Bruce Arians penthouse shithouse

Arians wasn't the only one in the Cardinals' locker room who reminded folks not to get too comfortable where they are. Quarterback Carson Palmer explained to his teammates the difference between confidence and arrogance, an important distinction we could all take to heart.

Carson Palmer knowing who you are

Just win, baby

Whatever you're competing in -- football, Pokemon Go, the Game of Life (the board game or, y'know, in the bigger sense of existing) -- all that matters is not taking an L.

Bruce Arians no bad wins

Maybe you win, but it's as ugly as a field goal-only, offensive slapfight of a game, like the Cardinals' 12-6 victory over the Rams during the 2014 season. But who cares, because it's still a win.

Do your job

Arians' biggest piece of advice is really just about not screwing up. It doesn't matter if you're the hero or not. As long as you don't blow it, you're doing okay.

Bruce arians inspirational poster

Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone has to fail miserably -- and make sure that person isn't you.

Failing to plan is planning to fail

Dwight Freeney joined the Cardinals a month into the season and even at 35 years old, he led the team the sacks. How? Because he doesn't just play the game on the field. He plays it in his head, too.

In the film room before a Week 16 matchup against Green Bay, Freeney explained to his teammates "the game within the game." He would set up Packers left tackle Don Barclay so that Freeney could eventually get after the quarterback.

Prior to even setting foot on the field, Freeney essentially choreographed Barclay's every move. He ended up with three sacks in that game.

Dwight Freeney chess not checkers

Perhaps Freeney's keen insight and emphasis on prep work will help convince another NFL team to give the 36-year-old free agent a job this season -- if not as a player, maybe now as a coach.

Dare to be great

In All or Nothing, Tyrann Mathieu gave Arians a run for his money as the most inspirational person on the team. Mathieu's rousing speeches to his teammates made us want to get out there and hit somebody.

When teammate John Brown had a couple of key drops against the Philadelphia Eagles, Mathieu urged him not to hang his head. Brown went back out and eventually held on for a touchdown grab.

"I told you to stay in the game. This shit like life, dawg," Mathieu told Brown after the score. "When you drop that bitch, sometime it gonna come back."

After giving Brown an important lesson on perseverance, Mathieu had a message for the entire defense.

As the Cardinals prepared to face the Carolina Panthers in the NFC Championship, Mathieu spoke to his teammates about leaving it all out on the field.

Tyrann mathieu inspirational poster

They may have heeded Mathieu's advice, even if the final score wasn't what they wanted. Still, the outcome doesn't negate the wisdom in Mathieu's words: What people will remember us for will be the way we pursued the things we're passionate about in life, so why not give it our best shot?

So, the next time you need some pearls of wisdom, look no farther than Bruce Arians and the Arizona Cardinals.