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Tim Tebow says he is not going to speak at the Republican National Convention

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Is Tebow putting his toe in the water for a career in politics?

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Tim Tebow hasn't given up that NFL dream yet, but while the rest of the league is getting ready for training camp, he's reportedly going to be in Cleveland as a featured speaker at the Republican National Convention, speaking the same day that Donald Trump is. But apparently, the Trump campaign or the RNC wasn't on the same page as Tebow.

Tebow didn't confirm or deny that he will be speaking. Instead calling the report a rumor, while not explicitly saying it wasn't true.

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No, it's not the kind of draft Donald Trump would get a deferment from, it's the supplemental draft. So, are any of the six players in the 2016 NFL Supplemental Draft worth a pick? A Purdue defensive tackle is the biggest name in this year's special eligibility draft, but a Canadian wide receiver might be the most intriguing option.


The Second Circuit Court denied Tom Brady's request for a new hearing, meaning his four-game suspension is going to happen.

His last hope now is the Supreme Court, which would also have to decide whether or not to hear the case. And he probably is going to take this thing to the Supreme Court. Or try to anyway. Patriots fans want Brady to take it all the way, and Pats Pulpit makes a pretty good case for why they should.

How will Brady's suspension affect the Patriots season? That Week 1 game against the Cardinals was already a tough one. Can they make it to October at .500 or better? Bills fans are looking forward to playing the Patriots without Brady in Week 4.


Teams have one more day to agree to long-term deals with players who got the franchise tag this year. A deal between the Chiefs and Eric Berry went from 50-50 to unlikely. Von Miller and the Broncos have been talking all week, and Chris Harris expects Von Miller to sign a new deal Thursday night or Friday morning. We're keeping track of the latest on all the tagged players.


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