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Kobe Bryant got slimed at the Kids' Choice Sports Awards

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For years, it’s been known that if you appear on a Nickelodeon award show, you’re going to get slimed. That’s just how things go in that universe. Kobe Bryant made an appearance at a taping for the Kids’ Choice Sports Awards, where he was honored with the Legend Award, and, well, as they are wont to do, they slimed him.

Kobe Bryant gives a motivational speech to kids and then gets slimed at the Kids Choice Awards! (via TheFunChannel/YouTube)

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There was a motivational speech as well, where Kobe told kids to watch out for "those out there that are trying to crush your dream." While that’s an important thing to watch out for, that was probably lost among the children once he was doused in shiny gold liquid. Unless the dream is to get doused in shiny gold liquid — in that case, the world’s your damn oyster, I say.

Here's what Kobe looked like after the sliming, per J.R. Smith:

(h/t TheFunChannel/YouTube)

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