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Former NFL running back Jahvid Best will compete in the Rio Olympics

His NFL career was cut short, but he’s still showing off his speed.

Former Detroit Lions running back Jahvid Best had his career cut short due to concussions. But while his professional football career only lasted two years, he now has a new opportunity to showcase his speed at the Rio Olympics.

Best will be a part of Saint Lucia’s track and field team, having met the Olympic qualifying standard of 10.16 seconds or faster.

He spoke to NBC about the accomplishment:

"A couple of years ago my lifetime dream was crushed. I was devastated, but I never stop dreaming and believing in myself ... This is a huge accomplishment for me, but at the same time this is just the beginning. I have only been in this sport for two years professionally, and plan on being around for a long time. "

This makes him the first person to compete in the Summer Games after playing in the NFL. Herschel Walker also competed in the Olympics after his time in the NFL but competed in bobsled during the Winter Olympics.

Best is able to compete for the island nation of Saint Lucia because his father has dual citizenship.