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A flying knee might have created the worst MMA injury of all time

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One of the most fun moments from Bellator 158 came from Michael Paige’s win over Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos when the fighter rolled a Pokeball towards his downed opponent. Now we know how bad Cyborg was injured, and it’s horrifying. Warning: This is tough to see.

The knee which sent Cyborg reeling was strong, even by MMA standards. The fighter was not knocked out. Instead he simply hit the ground, covering his head and shaking his legs in pain — unable to continue. It was a different scene from what we normally see.

The X-ray, posted by Cris Cyborg, shows multiple skull fractures just above her former husband’s orbital bone. Thankfully he is okay, because this is one of the must gruesome sports injuries of all time.

Here’s the strike that caused it.