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Did the 2016 NBA Summer League teach us anything?

We recap the best, worst and most important performances at the 2016 NBA Summer League in Las Vegas while also sharing some stories from our time there.

The 2016 NBA Summer League is over, and we're all back home after spending some time in Las Vegas. What did we learn? Some topics:

  • Who was the best rookie? Best player?
  • Did Ben Simmons show enough to make us think that he's on the path to stardom? What about Brandon Ingram?
  • Who was the best player that wasn't drafted?
  • How concerned should we be about Buddy Hield's rough performance for the Pelicans? We disagree on this question.
  • Mike also discusses his Thon Maker piece in more depth. Did the Bucks really get a steal with the No. 10 pick?
We also share some PG-rated stories from Vegas, and Mike formally apologizes for a botched introduction. A note: this was recorded before the thrilling Bulls-Timberwolves finale.

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