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Drake visited Texas in Kentucky gear and the women’s basketball team called him out

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Don't mess with Texas, Drake.

Drake is in the building. Obviously our girls played it cool #FanGirls (video courtesy of Emily Johnson)

A video posted by Texas Women's Basketball (@texaswbb) on

Drake has a concert in Austin on Wednesday night, and he used the occasion to swing by the Texas Longhorns' basketball facilities. There was only one problem: He showed up wearing Kentucky gear. Thankfully, the heroes on the Texas women's basketball team took him to task for it.

We joke about Drake liking every sports team, but Kentucky (along with the Toronto Raptors) is one he's truly loyal to. Drake has shouted out Kentucky in his songsmet with the team in the locker room during the 2014 NCAA Tournament and even suited up in a full uniform during the Wildcats' version of Midnight Madness later that year. Who could ever forget this airball?

Drake is a real Kentucky fan, which is fine, but props to Texas' women's team for calling him out on it. The men's team only said it behind his back on Twitter:

Texas women's basketball players, you are an inspiration to us all.