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This batting practice pitch was so bad, the batter looked like he smelled a fart

Rajai!! #youseriousbro? #betterstopplayingwithme

A video posted by Jason Kipnis (@jasonkipnis22) on

Indians second baseman Jason Kipnis shared an Instagram video of Rajai Davis during batting practice, wherein Davis set himself up to practice a bunt, but the pitcher ended up throwing the ball at the net instead. Look at Davis’ face when that happens:

That’s the proper face you make when hearing disconcerting news like:

Game of Thrones is going to be seven episodes long next season.

Dogs don’t like to be hugged.

“The Pokemon Go servers are down again.”

“Someone said Frank Ocean’s new album was out, but it turns out they were lying.”

You know, things of that nature. Things that are equal to a really, really, really bad throw during practice.