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Chad Johnson went to Texas State to beat college students at FIFA for 10 hours

Chad Johnson is at it again. While some athletes brag about their video game skill on Twitter but hardly ever back it up, he’s out here going to people’s houses and challenging them to FIFA. It really doesn’t matter where you live, because if you trash talk him enough he’ll make the trip.

He went to someone’s house early this year and embarrassed his opponent 9-1. He joined a few more people this time at Texas State. Johnson DMed Twitter user Branden Pupi, got his address and set a date.

And in typical Ochocinco fashion, he recorded video of himself bragging about his FIFA skills, all while smoking a cigar. He is truly the Red Auerbach of EA Sports games.

While Twitter can be the worst, it can also create some special moments like these.

(h/t For The Win)