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Goaltender tries to launch ball down field, inexplicably throws it into his own goal

An own goal is an unfortunate declaration that anything that could have gone wrong did. At the same time, own goals typically go off the same script: a defender is at the wrong place at the wrong time, and because of a few inches the ball goes to the opposing goal.

But this own goal in particular is a reminder that not all own goals are created equal. In fact, they can get much, much worse — cringeworthy, even. On Wednesday night, Minnesota United FC experienced peak self-destruction. The goalie was just supposed to toss the ball. But he held on for way too long, and the ball went tumbling backward directly toward Minnesota United FC’s own goal.

With no one within striking distance all the goalie could do was watch the ball bounce in, in what looks like slow motion. Sure, he ran toward it, but there was no way he would have caught up to the ball in time to stop it from scoring. Time was so messed up that it slowed down for the poor guy to feel the horror of what is probably the worst own goal ever.

And to make matters worse, they showed a replay of it immediately after.