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Coach K told Kyrie Irving ‘f**k you’ for messing with him during practice

Occasionally, players and coaches get mic’d up during games, giving television audiences a candid look at what goes on up close. Broadcasters usually get amazing moments, like Tony "First-Team All-Defense" Allen taunting the Warriors in the 2015 NBA Playoffs. Networks are good are leaving out the more NSFW parts, which is kind of a bummer, because that’s the dream, right? To hear your favorite athletes spew swear words on live TV? Sometimes you do, though.

USA Basketball is in Vegas this week preparing for the 2016 Olympics, and NBA TV had the great idea to mic up coach Mike Krzyzewski during practice — on live television. Kyrie Irving, who played under Krzyzewski at Duke, decided to mess with his old coach while practicing an inbound play, and Coach K reciprocated with a couple of audible "fuck yous."

Coach K response to kyrie's joke tho #usabasketball #kyrie #coachk #fuckyou #micdup #practice #hoops

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This is a beautiful moment, and I’m glad someone caught this.

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