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The Warriors won't need to make huge sacrifices to fit Kevin Durant into their offense

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Unlike other superteams, the Warriors are ready to accommodate another high-usage scorer like Kevin Durant from Day 1.

The arrival of Kevin Durant to the Warriors made them prohibitive favorites to win the NBA championship next year, even though no one knows exactly how they'll integrate him to their offense.

Typically, when a high usage scorer joins a team that already features others, there are questions about how they will all fit together. Will everyone be willing to make sacrifices and adapt? What's the pecking order? If even one player is not ready to accept a reduced role, things could get dicey, no matter how much talent the roster has.

The most likely candidate to get fewer touches with Durant around seems to be Klay Thompson. Fortunately for the Warriors, he's ready to sacrifice like Manu Ginobili did for years with the Spurs, as he told ESPN's Ethan Sherwood Strauss in a recent interview. Then, when he was asked about the typical concern about there only being one ball for a lot of scorers on an appearance on the Tolbert and Lund podcast, he dropped a slick one-liner about how it wouldn't matter:

"What does that mean?" Thompson said. "There's one ball. Guess what we'll do -- we'll put in the hoop. And the open man will do it, or the hot hand. I mean, we got such high-IQ players, I don't think it'll be that hard to figure out."

While that sounds very optimistic at a first glance, it's hard to argue with what Thompson is saying. The Warriors do seem like the perfect kind of team to integrate a big-time scorer. They have stars who can play on and off the ball, and ball movement and unselfishness were already a part of their ethos.

Consider: the Warriors led the league in assisted field goals, passes that lead to eventual assists and points created by assists last season. They had the second-lowest average time per touch and were second-to-last in average dribbles per touch. That means the ball was already constantly moving. Only the Hawks took more wide-open three-pointers than the Warriors did.

Like Thompson said, Golden State is used to finding the open man. That's going to be even easier to do with Durant around to command the attention of the defense.

As for Durant himself, there is no superstar that is as used to sharing the spotlight as much as him. Despite finishing a gargantuan number of possessions, he still trailed Russell Westbrook in that category on the Thunder. The same goes for touches per game and time of possession. In fact, his willingness to take a back seat to Westbrook at times was so rare for a player of his caliber that it was often considered a weakness.

But with the Warriors, that ability to function without the ball in his hands becomes an immediate strength.

Obviously, there will still be an adjustment period for the Warriors. Thompson said he's willing to sacrifice, but he won't be the only one who will see his stats dip. There's no reason for Stephen Curry or Durant to lead the league in scoring again as long as they play together. Draymond Green's offense will have to fade into the background a bit more again after he handled the ball a lot last season. Everyone will have to adjust.

But compared to stars on other superteams, it doesn't seem like it will be that hard for the Warriors' Core 4 to adjust, especially if their reward is more wide open looks. Last season's Warriors were one of the few juggernauts in NBA history that seemed ready to absorb another high usage scorer -- one reason they fell short in the finals is that they didn't have another shot creator to take pressure off Curry when he wasn't functioning at 100 percent. In addition, Durant is one of the few superstars in the league who is fine not always being the alpha dog.

The Warriors will have to prove during the season that they mean what they say and the style of all four stars will actually mesh as well as it seems it will on paper. But logically, it doesn't seem like finding shots and a suitable offensive role for everyone will be as big a challenge as its been for other star-studded teams in the past.

That's why the Warriors, even compared to other great teams, should blow your mind.