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San Antonio's 'Tim Duncan Day' celebration is very Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan -- recently retired San Antonio Spur, eventual Hall of Famer and eventual AARP member -- now has his own day on July 21 (a reference to the number he’s worn since college), which was announced on Monday by San Antonio mayor Ivy Taylor:

Many of the city’s inhabitants are spending Thursday celebrating Duncan in various ways. City Hall, for example, has a Tim Duncan banner up, which will apparently stay up until Sunday:

The San Antonio Fire Department spelled out "Tim Duncan Day" with their bodies:

The city’s human services department had a message for Tim Duncan:

If you happen to be in San Antonio on this year’s inaugural Tim Duncan Day, plenty of restaurants are celebrating with discounts, according to, from local joints ...

Customers will be able to reply to a Facebook post using #TimDuncanDay with a photo of themselves in Spurs gear at a Taco Cabana between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. for a chance to win one of seven $21 Taco Cabana gift cards, which will be drawn at random during the day.

... to McDonald’s:

In honor of Tim Duncan Day, greater San Antonio area McDonald’s will be selling 21-piece McNuggets boxes instead of boxes with 20 pieces. The offer will be valid from Thursday until July 31.

Here’s the decree Mayor Taylor tweeted on Thursday:

And if you love Tim Duncan, but you’re not in San Antonio, you can always post a GIF of him on the internet, like this one:


Or this one:

Or even this one:


Congratulations, Big Fun. Enjoy retirement.

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