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Klay Thompson wished DeAndre Jordan a happy birthday, but only because they're Olympic teammates

There was a point in time when the Warriors-Clippers rivalry was incredibly chippy. After the playoffs, and after getting Kevin Durant, the Warriors probably don’t seem too concerned about the Clippers these days, what with the rest of the NBA having their sights on them now, although some of the bitterness probably still lingers. As we approach the 2016 Olympics, USA Basketball is filled with NBA players who would usually see each other as enemies — Klay Thompson and DeAndre Jordan fit that description perfectly. And seeing how Jordan turned 28 on Thursday, Thompson took the time to cross enemy lines and wish him a happy birthday:

"I’m only doing this ‘cos we Olympic teammates, ‘cos we rivals throughout the year, but happy birthday, DeAndre. Enjoy it. Let’s go get this gold."

It’s too bad there aren’t any Warriors players who share a birthday with Jordan, because that’d give an opening for Kyrie Irving to wish them a happy birthday while also bragging about winning the championship. We can only dream.

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