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Kevin Durant tattooed Tupac's entire dang face on his leg

So much for hiding those tattoos.

Kevin Durant’s newest tattoo is definitely not a "business" tattoo — it’s a huge Tupac tattoo plastered on his leg, and unlike his previous ones, it will be very much visible when Durant is playing basketball on the court.

Kevin Durant's new tattoo #2PacForever

A photo posted by ThompsonScribe (@thompsonscribe) on

Wowzah. That’s a huge tattoo. Looks great, too! Of all the faces to have on your leg, Tupac isn’t a bad option.

Still, it definitely goes against Durant’s previous tattoo strategy, which has thus far kept the visible parts of his body — arms, legs, neck — completely devoid of ink. Most of his back, chest and stomach are covered in designs, which occasionally surprises people when it cycles through the news every couple years.

Fortunately, Durant’s plan also led to this wonderful GIF from The Starters’ Trey Kerby.

Maybe starting to add visible tattoos means Durant is embracing the "villain" role he took on when he went to the Golden State Warriors. Or maybe we’re just overthinking his cool tattoo.

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