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Chris Sale sent home for cutting up White Sox throwback jerseys

Chris Sale really hated those jerseys, apparently.

Toronto Blue Jays v Chicago White Sox Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Chris Sale’s name has reportedly been floating around trade talks around the league. On Saturday, it seemed as though the White Sox had finally pulled the trigger and sent the pitcher to another team. After all, what else would explain a healthy scratch just hours before the White Sox game against the Detroit Tigers?

Throwback uniforms, apparently.

Sale was reportedly so mad that the team had to wear throwback uniforms that he cut up all the jerseys so none of the players would be able to wear them. According to Ken Rosenthal, he thought the throwbacks were uncomfortable. He was then sent home early as a result.

The throwbacks aren’t that terrible, for what it’s worth, and the incident seems to be part of a larger issue between Sale and the White Sox.

This is what the team ended up wearing instead of those throwbacks:

This is the weirdest episode of Eastbound and Down ever.