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The Olympic athletes’ village in Rio is reportedly ‘uninhabitable'

Some of the world's most highly skilled and highly trained athletes are preparing to live and compete in Rio de Janeiro in just a few short weeks. They will be sleeping in beds made for medium sized toddlers.

That's not the worst of it though.

Upon their arrival to the athlete's village, the Australian Olympic Committee found the venue to be uninhabitable. A spokesman for the AOC had the following to say:

From what we've seen, you wouldn't put people in there yet.

The issue goes beyond just rooms that do not look all that comfortable. The IOC has not made much of a secret of their concerns about "safety" as far as the living situation goes. These concerns are related to "leaking pipes, spot flooding, blocked toilets and unlit stairwells."

Australia wasn't the only country with complaints about the accommodations. The 77 Dutch athletes already in Brazil have made it clear they plan to leave the village if conditions don't improve. The Italian delegation isn't nearly as patient. They've already hired their own contractors to fix the wiring and plumbing issues plaguing these new high rise buildings.

Meanwhile, a group of workers dubbed the "salvation team" are on the clock working to fix the dysfunctional lodgings.

The IOC is planning on providing 450,000 condoms to the athletes, so maybe the indiscriminate sex parties will distract from the disgusting living conditions.

Sounds as if the mayor of Rio may have been a little offended by all this. Or maybe he just likes to be a little offensive.

(via Sydney Morning Herald)