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You’ll be able to watch 1 NHL game a week on Twitter next season

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Welcome to the new age.

New York Rangers v Pittsburgh Penguins - Game Two Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

The NHL and MLB are joining the NFL as the latest major sports leagues to strike live streaming deals with Twitter. Monday it was announced that the NHL will stream one out-of-market game per week on the service as a part of the league’s deal with MLBAM.

Much like the NHL’s TV streaming service that offers the same deal during the regular season, the league is targeting fans right where they live, on social media. No details have been released as to how the streaming will work, but mentioned that the game will be available to anyone free on Twitter logged-in or out of the service.

"Twitter has become a crucial forum and engagement tool for hockey fans to enhance their NHL viewing experience and stay connected to the game on and off the ice," Stephen McArdle, NHL executive vice president of digital media and strategic planning, said to "We are excited that fans will now be able to enjoy live NHL games through our partnership with Twitter."

The deal looks to cover just the United States only for the NHL side, most likely due to the NHL's partnership with Rogers Media in Canada.