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Memphis booster Justin Timberlake wants the Tigers in the Big 12

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Ain't no other conference that can take your spot, Big 12!

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Memphis would like to be a part of the Big 12, no matter how little sense it might make for the league to take a team that has won 10 games once in its Division I history. Last week, the school tweeted a ... well, who knows if this is a "We're ready" reminder or a concession that joining the Big 12 isn't going to happen?

Almost a full darned week later, Memphis-born, Memphis-boostin' Justin Timberlake saw that tweet, and publicly added his name to the chorus of like seven voices that all want the Tigers in the Big 12.

Timberlake might not quite have the pull to make the Big 12 take his hometown team: he was already part of the Tigers' presentation to the Big 12, though not in the flesh. Regardless, it's cool that he's quite proud to be fan of all things Memphis, having turned his induction into the Memphis Music Hall of Fame into a Tigers pep rally last fall, contributed to the Grizzlies' successful efforts to re-sign Mike Conley this summer, and sonned someone who tried to say minority-owner Timberlake was a bandwagon Grizzlies fan.

Of course, if he could bring sexy back, why couldn't he get Justin Fuente to return?