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This trademarked Emmanuel Mudiay logo looks like an Enron swastika


UPDATE: Mudiay tweeted that this isn’t his logo, which it isn’t. It was just trademarked by the company he’s signed with. If anyone made a mistake, it’s Under Armour, not Mudiay.

ORIGINAL POST: Emmanuel Mudiay has been an Under Armour client for a couple years, and they recently filed a trademark on a new logo for the young Denver point guard. It had problems.

Um ... surely they see it too?

It looks like the Enron logo

It’s not a direct match, but there are some similarities there.

It looks like a swastika

Or, at least, it looks like the middle of a swastika. That’s nooooot a good thing.

It’s not a good logo

Besides those two glaring issues, it looks like it’s straight out of the ‘90s, when every logo felt the need to do that thing where they merged two letters and connected them with a big, sharp typeface. The Wu-Tang Clan can still get away with that because, well, they’re from the ‘90s. Emmanuel Mudiay in the year 2016 cannot.

A trademark doesn’t really mean too much. It definitely doesn’t mean Under Armour will end up using it, especially after people pointing out that it looks like an Enron swastika. It’s amazing that nobody else saw that, either.