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This kid tried to contest a Karl-Anthony Towns dunk and paid the price

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We know by now that kids don’t stand a chance against Karl-Anthony Towns. Remember when a kid tried to fake him out for a layup? Yeah, nice try. On Thursday, at a basketball camp, Towns reminded the world how big of a menace he is to child defenders, and how fun it is to posterize one.

1. Here we have two kids who have no chance in hell to stop Towns. He’s too fast, and too big to stop, and he even pour salt in the wound by leaping past these fools. Meanwhile, look at all the bystanders who have to witness this foolishness.

2. Next, we have the pre-poster phase, wherein the kid in the foreground wisely keeps his distance from Towns, and instead lets the other kid take the role of Poster Victim. It looks like Poster Victim is aware that he’s not going to look good, that Towns is going to dunk on him with conviction, but he’s going to defend him anyway, because this is basketball camp, and that’s how things are done when Towns is around.

3. You tried, kid.

This is probably why NBA stars hold basketball camps in the first place, to dunk on kids because it is never-ending fun. There’s probably a disclaimer on most basketball camp posters that says “Warning: You will get dunked on viciously.” Anyway, this lives on the internet forever.