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The Onside Kick Family Hour: Everyone's on the PUP list and the Jets should've given Geno Smith a chance

NFL teams are headed back to training camp this week, and it seems like damn near everyone is on the Physically Unable to Perform list. Stephen White and RVB discuss the PUP list epidemic, why we hate stupid conditioning tests, giving Geno Smith a chance, RG3, and good coaching moves on this week's podcast.

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Howdy friends. Pull up a stool, a stump, a stone or some other kind of sitting device and get your volume adjusted for this week's edition of the Onside Kick Family Hour. As usual, Stephen White and myself have a great show on tap for y'all, so get ready for some football talk with your old friends, no, your football family.

This week on the show we're talking ...

  • Training camp is back and EVERYONE IS ON THE PUP LIST! What's the deal with this rash of injuries? Real or imagined?
  • Conditioning tests suck. They're terrible and pointless, especially for football players.
  • Mike Wallace was the victim of a conditioning fail and the Ravens made it really weird.
  • The Jets re-signed Ryan Fitzpatrick. The whole scenario was dumb, and might not mean squat for them this season. They probably should've given Geno Smith a chance.
  • RG3 has already won the Browns QB competition. So now what?
  • Pete Carroll and Mike Zimmer both got contract extensions. Good moves! And a lot of teams are going to be mad they didn't hire Zimmer when they had a chance.
  • A discussion of the Rooney Rule and coach hiring.

You can listen above, or you can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, if that's your sort of thing.