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Jonah Hill intentionally made a hilarious bad ad for a London skateboarding store

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Jonah Hill has starred in some of the top-grossing comedies of all time. He’s been nominated for an Oscar — twice. Now he’s taking those considerable talents and harnessing them to make a hilariously bad infomercial for Palace, a skateboarding store in London.

There’s a lot to like in this. The “intentionally bad ad” thing has been done before, but Hill’s timing makes it all work. He’s there to announce a collaboration between Palace and Reebok on skating attire — but also so he can “wax [his] graptape and every other truck stuff [he] needs.” When the subject turns to the shoes themselves the selling technique is ... different.

These are one heck of a bargain! 198.99 yen per month for 6 1/2 months totals 1,293.43 yen. Based on the current market that makes the shoes $12.84. Yes, I went to a currency translating site to find out the price in USD of these very real shoes in a fake ad. Stop judging me.