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Limited Upside podcast, Episode 45: Wow, Kevin Durant really left

We sort through the fallout of Kevin Durant's massive decision to leave Oklahoma City with a special guest that roots for the Thunder while living in the Bay Area.

This week, old friend and current editor-in-chief of the Sports Fan Journal Eddie Maisonet joined the show to talk through his complicated feelings on Kevin Durant's departure from the Thunder. Eddie is a Thunder fan and Oklahoma native that currently lives in the Bay Area, so we could think of no better guest to discuss Durant's stunning move West.

Among the topics discussed:

  • How should Thunder fans feel about Durant's departure?
  • Is this new Warriors superteam good for the NBA, or will it kill competitive balance too much? (We think the former.)
  • What are the Thunder supposed to do with Russell Westbrook now that his free agency is rapidly approaching?
  • In 15-20 years, how will we remember the lost Thunder dynasty of these past few years?

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