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This Tim Duncan LinkedIn profile is too excellent to be real

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It’s surprisingly thorough.

Tim Duncan retired from the NBA just a few weeks ago, but it looks like a helpful fan is looking out for his post-basketball career hopes.

"Tim Duncan" was a real profile you could interact with on LinkedIn Monday, though the account can no longer be accessed. His bio is fitting enough that the page can probably fool some people into thinking it’s real:

An accomplished professional with a proven track record in the highly competitive sports industry. Would describe myself as a hardworking team player with strong leadership skills. Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel.

Except that, even, might sound a little too braggy coming from the guy who retired from the NBA not with a press conference, but with a short, typed note.

The page lists his awards and championships won, plus it even has references!

Tim Duncan LinkedIn reference

People are looking out for big Tim. He already now has more endorsements than you probably do.

Tim Duncan LinkedIn

We’re a little skeptical of some of these skills. Basketball and sports? Sure. Social media, though? He doesn’t even have a Twitter account. And why does he have the same number of references for clinical psychology as he does for college basketball?

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Tim Duncan was the NBA's most consistent player