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Von Miller is good at everything, except kicking a football

Stick to sacks!

NFL: Denver Broncos-Training Camp Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Von Miller is a star, on and off the field. He’s the reigning Super Bowl MVP. He’s great at celebrating big plays. Miller is a master of social media, and he’s a phenomenal dancer. He’s also the highest-paid defender in the NFL. What isn’t Miller good at, you may ask?

Von Miller is bad at kicking.

This kick goes wrong in so many ways. The hold looks fine, but once Miller makes contact with the ball, the trajectory is so low and wide right that it’s just ... well, it’s a terrible kick.

It’s safe to say that Miller won’t be competing to be the Broncos’ kicker this season. Based on his track record at outside linebacker as well as his performance so far in training camp, letting Miller focus on that role is probably in the best interests of the team.

Gary Kubiak even had to put an extra offensive lineman on the field to try and contain Miller in Sunday’s practice.

"He looked like he wore a couple of people out," Kubiak said via the team’s website. "We put a tackle at tight end to try to make it a little more of an even match and it still didn't work out."

And Miller didn’t let his bad kick dampen his spirits.

Miller’s kick was fun to watch for different reasons, but at this point it’s clear that the Broncos are responsible for the most entertaining plays during this training camp period.