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Tony Romo isn’t fat

Don’t believe everything you see on the Internet, including unflattering photos that make Tony Romo look fat.

There is a photo of Tony Romo circulating on the Internet that makes the Cowboys’ quarterback look fat and out of shape. This visual conflicts with multiple reports that Romo arrived for camp in fantastic shape. But, as we all should know, sometimes the camera lies.

Look, it’s hard to work out when you’re injured, and especially while recovering from surgery. Romo had offseason surgery to shave down his clavicle and alleviate pressure resulting from the injury that ended his season in 2015. If Romo had packed on a few pounds, we would understand, but it sounds like he hasn’t.

This happened prior to Jameis Winston’s rookie season, when a photo of him working through drills shirtless prompted endless speculation about Winston’s weight and fitness level.

George Whitfield, who was working with Winston to help him prepare for the NFL Combine, told The Big Lead the photo wasn’t altered in any way, but was a bad angle, and the leash around Winston’s waist made his gut appear to be larger than it was.

Jeff Sullivan at the Cowboys’ website says Romo’s physical condition is much better than the photo suggests.

Tony Romo looks fantastic from a physical standpoint. Those around the team say it’s the best condition he’s been in for at least the last three or four years and he was the runner-up MVP two seasons ago. So everyone chill.

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones echoed this sentiment, speaking to Drew Davison of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

"He’s in great shape," Jones said. "I think he’s in some of the best shape he’s been in. Everybody can always get a picture taken of you that makes it look different than it is. But Tony is in great shape."

While it would be understandable if Romo had added a little weight while recovering from surgery, it sounds like he is fully fit and ready to go.