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Olympic results 2016: Fiji wins rugby final for first-ever Olympic medal

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Wow, this was a blowout.

Fiji absolutely blew out Great Britain, 43-7, in the Olympic gold medal rugby game Thursday night, giving the country its first-ever Olympic medal.

Osea Kolinisau scored to put Fiji on top just 57 seconds into the match. Fiji scored the game's first 36 points in what was simply a bloodbath. They scored on several breakaway runs, as their combination of power and speed was just way too much for Great Britain to handle.

Kolinisau was Fiji's top scorer with nine points, but the team spread the wealth evenly. Eight players scored in the game for Fiji, whose excited fans never stopped cheering.

The blowout was a continuation of the dominance the Fijians showed throughout these Olympics. Fiji beat the United States 24-19 in group play, which tied for the Fijians' closest game of the tournament. In the semifinals, Fiji beat Japan 20-5.

Great Britain scored with just over four minutes left in the game, when things were far, far out of reach at 36-7. Fiji's bench got emotional even early in the second half, as they knew they'd be bringing home their country's first Olympic medal.