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Kenyan running coach sent home from Olympics for peeing for an athlete

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Kenyan running coach John Anzrah was sent home from the 2016 Rio Olympics after posing as an athlete and giving a urine sample, per multiple reports. Anzrah is the second Kenyan coach sent home from the summer games, along with track and field manager Michael Rotich.

Anzrah reportedly posed as Kenyan 800-meter runner Ferguson Rotich, per

The athlete's agent, Marc Corstjens, said Rotich lent Anzrah his pass so the coach could get a free breakfast in the Olympic Village on Wednesday.

Anzrah, 61, was then allegedly approached by a doping control officer who was looking for Rotich and asked to provide a urine sample, which the coach did.

"Ferguson is completely confused as to why he would do this but the good news is that he found out straight away and went to the drug-tester and gave them blood and urine samples," said Corstjens.

"We have sent Anzrah back home. He presented himself as an athlete, gave the urine sample and even signed the documents. We cannot tolerate such behaviour," said Kip Keino, chairman of Kenya's National Olympic Committee, in a statement, per The Telegraph.

Rotich races on Friday in 800-meter heats.