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NFL scores 2016: Carson Wentz is in preseason form

Let's recap Thursday night's preseason action.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

How about a little Friday morning football talk? Yes, there is real football to discuss, or at least something like it, the preseason form. We'll have more analysis and overreaction to Thursday's games, but here's a quick rundown.

Broncos 22, Bears 0

Mark Sanchez looked like himself, throwing an INT and a touchdown and making the first pass attempt of the game with an ugly left-handed throw. Paxton Lynch made the best throw of the night.

Everything about the Bears was bad in this game.

Jaguars 13, Jets 17

Todd Bowles wasn't too excited about the win, but he did have good things to say about rookie Darron Lee, who recorded a sack.

Fans were very excited about what they saw from Jacksonville's marquee defensive additions.

Panthers 19, Ravens 22

Cam Newton got really excited about an INT ... too excited.

Ravens running back Terrance West lived up to the preseason hype.

Saints 22, Patriots 34

This Garoppolo kid might be okay.

Saints rookie Michael Thomas just keeps making amazing catches.

Buccaneers 9, Eagles 17

Fans were calling for Wentz early in the second quarter, and they weren't disappointed when he finally came in. The rookie showed off some athleticism and gave fans what they wanted. His flip was especially impressive. In reality, Wentz looked a little rough, going 12-for-24 for 89 yards, but it is just the preseason.

Tampa's kicker may have gotten off to a rough start, but the defensive line looks ready to go. Jameis Winston looked like he's been working on his footwork and mechanics during the offseason.

Washington 17, Falcons 23

The Falcons won, but the starting offense looked like they thought it was still June. Not backup QB Matt Schaub though, he was aces.

We know Washington's offense is going to be fine, but Thursday's game offered some hope for the defense, too.


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