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2016 College Football Preview: The REAL preseason playoff contenders

Let's figure out how realistic our random four team playoff combinations can be!

With the 2016 college football season just around the corner, "Wake Up, College Football" has decided that it's time to bring out our bingo cage to randomize our group of 20 potential preseason College Football Playoff contenders to figure out the possibilities of various December groupings and try to answer the following questions:

• Which SEC power looks the most dangerous? Is it Alabama in perpetuity? Is it LSU's turn?

• Which conference could send two teams? Every major conference has a case, right?

• Which of the LA schools do we like more? Is Washington ready to make a move? Are we writing off Oregon? Is Stanford the safe choice?

• Does the Sooner State, with Oklahoma and Oklahoma State both looking like strong contenders, have the edge over teams in Texas?

• What makes Houston more likely than previous non-Power 5 programs to advance to the College Football Playoff?

• Is the B1G strictly a conference that will send Ohio State or a Michigan school to the playoff, or will Iowa (or someone else) get in the way?