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Heavy rains cause short delay to track and field in Rio

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Heavy rains sent the athletes under the stadium to wait out the storm.

Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Heavy rains poured from the skies in Rio on Monday, forcing the track and field competition to halt. On a night when Allyson Felix is supposed to race for gold in the 400 meters and David Rudisha looks to defend his Olympic title in the 800 meters, the pouring rain has put a damper on the competition.

Multiple heats of the 110-meter hurdles had gone and the pole vault competition had begun, but the rains poured from the sky in droves to force the meet to call it quits -- at least momentarily.

After about 15 minutes, the rains subsided somewhat and the athletes began making their way out onto the track. The rain subsided completely, leaving the track wet.

Before that, the men's discus qualifying throws were affected, with many athletes throwing the discus into the protective netting.

David Rudisha welcomed the clearer skies -- he is infamous for running poorly in the rain.

We will update this story as more information on the weather comes in.