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James Harden’s spending his summer yelling at hecklers and playing defense against his own Drew League team

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Harden’s just having a blast this summer.

There are two things James Harden could have done this summer during his Houston Rockets offseason. I’m going to tell you right now he picked the best one. We’re going to go over the other option, of course, but trust me — he definitely got this right.

1. James Harden could have gone to Rio

Yeah, Harden didn’t play for Team USA this summer, but man. Who wants a free three-week vacation to Brazil when you’re a millionaire who can just pay for it? Those basketball dudes have to deal with green diving pools, and getting robbed, and two weeks of blowing teams out during an exhibition game cycle around the United States before they even go. Even worse, they have to play defense. Gross. No way. Ew. There must not be a single good reason to go to Rio.

(To be completely clear, no one’s blaming Harden for not going. The NBA seasons are terribly long and the Olympics commitment is more than a month when it comes down to it.)

2. James Harden could have goofed around playing basketball

Harden has to take basketball seriously for, like, eight months out of every year. And he can’t completely get away from basketball. So he might as well have some fun, like roasting kids at his summer camp. Or messing around at the Drew League. See!?

Look at how much fun he’s having!

That heckler’s just all part of the fun! There’s certainly an argument that between contesting his own teammate’s shot and Harden defending his flopping, that this is some of the best defense he has ever played.

Nothing has topped last year’s fun times, but man, Harden’s enjoying all this.