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A team of Von Miller clones parodied Justin Bieber's 'Sorry' dance video in a new 'Madden 17' ad

“Start me.”

The new Madden is set to release on Aug. 23. While gamers are anticipating its release, another person who is just as excited is none other than Broncos linebacker Von Miller. In a hilarious ad for the game, Miller spoofed Justin Bieber’s hit single “Sorry,” altered its lyrics and broke out some innovative dance moves to accompany the song. Watch the ad in all its glory here:

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant changed the lyrics in the main chorus from “Sorry” to “Start Me” and encourages gamers to choose him on their Madden team. Miller also breaks into some wacky dance moves giving Bieber’s dance troupe a run for their money. It should be noted that all the “people” in Miller’s version are just various versions of him as opposed to Bieber’s dance crew, who are different people.


The 27-year-old is one of just four players in the video game with a perfect 99 overall rating.