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This fan tried to catch a foul ball, but it hit his tummy and he lost his beer instead

I remember this one time, there was a science fair at my elementary school, and they were selling bags of popcorn for $1 each. I was so stoked to buy a bag, because I kept a piggy bank and usually saved up for cool things to buy like Tech Decks and snacks. So when I bought a bag, I forgot that it was also windy that day. And I, being a clumsy kid at the time, held that poor bag so weakly that the wind caught it, and I lost that $1 popcorn bag. I didn’t buy another bag that day.

So I understand this man’s disappointment. He went to Thursday’s Diamondbacks-Padres game to enjoy some baseball and stadium beer. He wanted an easy foul ball while keeping that expensive beer. But it hit him in the stomach, and he ended up with only a smaller amount of beer. Plus, it was caught on TV, and they replayed it for him, so that’s even more embarrassing.

The thing I learned about my popcorn accident is that life got relatively better after that. So Mr. Lost Beer Padres Man, I’m sorry this happened to you. But like popcorn, beer is abundant, and I hope you enjoyed a new one when you got back home.