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Team USA men's 4x100m disqualified for infraction, forfeits bronze medal

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This keeps on happening for the US team.

Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

Team US had finally broken the streak. Having not medaled in the event since 2004, they crossed the finish line in third place of the 4x100 relay, which Usain Bolt and Jamaica won. However, they were disqualified shortly after the race because of a faulty pass of the baton between the first and second runner.

Mike Rodgers passed the baton to Justin Gatlin on the first exchange, but it happened just outside of the exchange zone. The US relay team has struggled consistently with baton passing. They were disqualified from the Olympics in 2008 thanks to poor passing.

For a look at the rules of passing the baton, which must occur in a 20-meter "exchange zone" read this thorough explainer.

Team USA faltered on their second handoff, failing to pass the baton within the zone -- and that's why they're going home without a medal. At least it looks that way. The US did appeal the disqualification in an attempt to reinstate their bronze medal.

The US women dropped the baton in the prelims of the 4x100 meters, but ended up making the final thanks to a re-run because Allyson Felix was bumped just before dropping the stick. They went on to win gold in the final. The US men didn't have as much luck.

Here is the exchange that was ruled out of the zone:


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U.S. women's 4x100m relay team's odd qualification