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This Russian hockey player threw his stick like a spear to score a goal that doesn't seem possible

Буллит Ткачева

A video posted by HC "Ak Bars" Kazan (@hcakbars) on

During Friday’s friendly shootout hosted by Russian hockey team Ak Bars Kazan, Vladimir Tkachyov had some tricks up his sleeve. He picked up the puck while approaching the goal, and instead of shooting like a normal hockey player, he threw the puck-laden stick at the goal and scored.

Somehow the puck didn’t fall when the stick was at this angle, which makes me wonder what kind of trickery he did here.

I’ve boiled it down to three possibilities:

1. Tkachyov used a puck with a magnet buried in the center, and his stick is actually made of metal.

2. Tkachyov’s stick has sticky tape all over it.

3. Tkachyov is actually a wizard living among us, and we’re all doomed if we mess with him. We’ll all be picked up by his magic hockey stick and thrown into the goal, or sent to another dimension. He’ll bring ghosts back to life and sic them on all of us.

It’s probably option 2. Probably.

(h/t Business Insider)