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Golfer immediately offers handshake after getting rocked in a fight he started

The golf course fight. Not since Happy Gilmore threw hands with Bob Barker have we seen quite this level of punchiness on the course. The story behind this one is pretty simple. The group including the guy in blue hit into the group that included the guy in pink — the fight ensued.

This is an example of why you never pick a fight without having a reasonable expectation you can win. Golf clothes are a mask, an equalizer. Everyone immediately looks like a dork in golf clothes (you know it golfers, don’t deny it). This means pink thinks he can take blue.

10 Steps of the fight

  1. Pink initiates with some shouting and a shove.
  2. Blue immediately raises his hands like a dude who knows how to throw a punch.
  3. Pink does not.
  4. Pink misses a flurry of punches.
  5. Blue throws a half-hearted jab and misses.
  6. Pink misses with a huge haymaker.
  7. Blue clocks pink with a jab that knocks his hat off.
  8. Pink retreats and drops his hands.
  9. Pink offers a handshake.
  10. Blue accepts.

Nobody blames pink for being the one to try and make amends. Anyone would after realizing they’re clearly outmatched and just got jabbed in the face. Kudos to blue for letting this one go. To honor this moment we have a painting for you.

h/t Uproxx